When someone mentions “Scandinavian style”, we think: whiteness, light, functionality. This is just an aspect of Scandinavian design, nevertheless it’s the most common at the time and it’s exactly what we will be talking about! This style is easy to recreate, there are plenty of affordable solutions to pull it off and the final result will actually look like a normal home and not a cold space ready for photo shooting.

The Scandinavian white

Northern countries experience long and dark winters and maybe this is why they appreciate sun, and welcome it in their homes. So actually this famous “whiteness” is in fact a practical way of maximizing the so much needed light into a space, making it feel bright and airy.

emma hoss scandinavian interior

Source: Nordic Design

All shades of white, greys, black and generally cool tones are most preferable when designing a Scandinavian style interior. Since you’re working on a limited palette of colors you can play with patterns and textures to add some intensity.

Johanna Tant scandinavian design

Source: Myscandinavianhome

Metal lighting, wicker chairs, rustic sideboard, cushions with different patterns. In the photo above, the dialogue of different textures creates an interesting result though color is only present via a few plants.

If you absolutely need some color and still wish to go for a Scandinavian style, you can use some accents in cool tones…

scandinavian interior

Source: Beautiful Interior

…Alternatively, pastels also bond great with this style.

stockholm apartment

Source: FantasticFrank

Natural materials

Wood is the ultimate material when it comes to Scandinavian design. It’s produced in mass amounts at those countries and it’s been exported throughout the world. From an aesthetical point of view the wide existence of wood, balances the atmosphere and adds warmth, in a space where white color and cool tones dominate.

Minna Jones Helsinki Apartment

Source: Nordic Design 

Wood can be used on floors, ceiling, as cladding on walls and of course on furniture. Try to avoid types of wood with yellow undertones and prefer wooden surfaces with more greyish shades.

Sweden apartment

Source: Nordic Design


Scandinavian design is all about combining function and aesthetics. A space should provide optical serenity and in the same time should be livable and functional. To achieve this you need realistic hierarchy of everyday needs and excellent storage! Keep only the essentials and put everything else away.

white apartment

Source: Myscandinavianhome

Anything beautiful to the eye can remain visible!

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