The minimalist style that has been overwhelming the world of design for some time now was never in favor of wallpaper. Geometric patterns from the 60ies and 70ies with bright colors and psychedelic references seemed to be absolutely out of date. But something’s changing and wallpaper is making a dynamic comeback, evolving into decorative element with great potentials. Let’s take a look at the major trends today.

Neutral colors: It’s the easiest way to incorporate wallpaper to a space. When combined with a time-worn look or small scale patterns it can take off your style. Be inspired by Laura Ashley’s effortless look.

laura ashley wallpaper

Source: Laura Ashley 

Geometric patterns: Though organic patterns are still very common among wallpaper themes, the most recent trend is geometry. Geometric patterns work great with modern furniture and accessories and add volume to the space.

geometric patterns

Source: Etsy

3D effect: Though geometric shapes can provide the illusion of depth to a flat wall, wallpapers have gone one step forward with almost realistic 3D effects. Take a look at Marcel Wander’s new collection for Graham & Brown. The pattern gives the impression that is carved stone, though it’s actually totally flat.

marcel wanders illusions

Source: Graham & Brown

Texture: If you want to work with textures and materials on the walls, the available choices are infinite. There are wallpapers that imitate concrete, brick, wood, chalk and almost any material that you could possibly use, providing choices in an affordable way.

piet boon concrete

Source: nlxl

The time-worn look: It begun with Jan Kath and his rug collection and now is everywhere. The time-worn look offers an effortless beauty and simplicity to the space and a nostalgic aura. Firms like Blackpop and Tektura have invested in this style.

blackpop duprez wallpaper

Source: Blackpop

The revival of the 70ies: Orla Kiely’s new collection for Harlequin represents a contemporary expression of the retro style. Though the colors used, have direct references to the 70ies, the patterns are fresh and original and the total result is happy and playful. If you’re in for this style be careful not to overdo it. Use it on an accent wall and keep it simple.

harlequin orla kiely

Source: Harlequin

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